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Travel Where You Feel The Most Alive

Travelling the world seems to be something that is on everyone’s bucket list. It’s the trendy thing to do and it’s Instagram-worthy. You get the chance to visit a wondrous new place, eat delicious cuisine, meet people with charming accents, and see what life is like for people in a different culture and environment.

Each of these things is alluring on their own. However, there’s more to it. Travelling is good for the soul. It’s good for you. Why?

Here are some reasons.

Travelling can give you a new sense of perception.

You see, when you truly understand the size of this vast earth we live on, you can start to think outside of yourself. You start to perceive more about your life and the lives of others. Often times, people get stuck thinking about how things affect just them or just their country.

When you leave your hometown and realize how much more is out there, you can begin to grasp how individual you are, and how important it is to consider more than just yourself. This kind of perception and inspiration can only be gained through travel.

Being in a foreign place can give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Some people may question the validity of this, but it’s true! Simply trying new foods and learning what you like and don’t like teaches you something about yourself. Now you know that you don’t like this or that; either way, it’s something that you didn’t know before you went out there and took that adventure. On top of this, you’ll learn where you are most comfortable and what you should most appreciate. Some countries are very different and you may find that a commodity you depended on may suddenly be missing. You’ll learn to not only appreciate what you have back home, but you’ll better understand where you feel most at home and why. Perhaps you’ll even find out that you are more comfortable somewhere else, more at home. It’s a strange wonder but it can happen. Your home may be somewhere you have never been before.

History is one thing, but standing where history happened does something remarkable.

It takes that history lesson and it gives it ground to stand out, wind to blow your hair, and crumbling buildings whose smells remind you of musty library books. It brings history to life. Even if there is nothing left but a few stones, there is often a sense of what used to be that you can feel. It can be a tremendous experience, especially if it is an item in history that you studied, that you can imagine as you stand where it took place. Your soul will thank you for the lesson that standing in history provides. It is a lesson that this life is real and that what you do does matter.

Travelling helps you enrich your own personal history.

Travelling is about more than history; travelling is about enriching your own life. It’s about making memories, creating life-long friendships, and so much more. As you grow old, you will be grateful for the days that you took to travel and try new things. Those changes aren’t always there, so take the chances you do have to travel and explore. Be adventurous and feed your soul with memories and good times.

Travelling will teach you that you live the life you want to live.

As you travel, you will meet and see many new people. There’s a whole world of people out there, people living different lives and going through different experiences. There are artists, chefs, bakers, business owners, marketers, moms, and everything in between. Then, there’s you. You choose what kind of life you want to live and how you’re going to make a difference. There are so many options; you just have to look perhaps a little harder.

You’ll learn to live in the moment.

Life at home can often be very routine. Day in and day out, you often accomplish the same mundane tasks, complete replica workout routines, and just do exactly what you do every day. Travelling seems to toss routines out of the window. The only concrete plan (if you’re travelling for pleasure) has to be your flight in and your flight out. Other than that, you can go through your days deciding things with the toss of a coin, or by being tempted by the smell of a luscious bakery that you walk by. You can live in the moment and just be there; travel.

Put your hammock on your next packing list, and then you’ll have a perfect excuse to go camping or to hang it up in your foreign destination. Really, you can use it wherever you go on your travels. As we like to say, live infinitely! Get out there and travel. What better excuse do you have than to say, “it’s good for my soul”?

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