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How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Vacation!

Travel hacking has taken on a different meaning over the years initially focusing on using airline, hotel, or credit card points for cheap or free travel. It has also become shorthand for exploring how you can make travelling easier through all-encompassing travel tips. The struggles of travelling can demand a lot more unwarranted stress than necessary. Instead of worrying about the headaches travel can cause, use these simple Yescapes travel hacks during your next escape from home, so you can forget about the stressful details and enjoy your relaxing vacation.

Expert international travellers prepare for their time abroad long before they step foot on the plane. The finer details of foreign transaction fees, forgotten frequent flyer miles, or being assigned the unfortunate middle seat can easily be avoided when considering the following travel tips.

1. Travel Rewards Credit Card

The right travel rewards card can make a big difference before you plan your time away. Excellent credit cards offer different rewards for signing up, such as zero foreign transaction fees or a certain amount of points when spending a given amount of money within a specified amount of time. Other reward cards partner with airlines where you can earn miles directly from the source or through partnered hotels. You gain frequent flyer miles through everyday spending with standard offers earning one mile for every Rupee spent, different promotions, or online shopping purchases.

2. Airlines Price Alerts

Price alerts can save you time and let you focus on other important details before leaving for your trip. Planning ahead by three to four months can help you find the flight you want and pre-book seats. A number of applications, such as Skyscanner, or search engines, like Google Flights, watch the fluctuating prices of the airlines. If you do not immediately see a fair price, set an alert and wait. Many of these apps also provide analyses letting you know if the price is likely to drop or rise according to time you want to travel.

3. Free Things

Getting something free from an airline is rare, especially since so many airlines have started charging for what were once expected amenities. You can still count on some airlines to offer free and accessible amenities during your flight to keep you entertained and comfortable, including:

  • Southwest – Ask for one of their child kits once onboard to keep your children entertained on a long or short flight. The kits include games, trivia, and wings. If it is your child’s first time on an aeroplane, ask for a first-time flier certificate to commemorate the moment. Make sure to find an open spot on your fridge to display the certificate when you get home.
  • Japan Airlines – A long-haul flight to Japan can tire even the most ardent traveller, but that does not mean you cannot travel in comfort. Ask for a pair of slippers, which come in yellow, blue, or pink, as well as an amenity kit holding a toothbrush set and eye mask.
  • Singapore Airline – Traveling in the air once connoted an exciting journey and promising thrills before arriving at your destination and Singapore Airlines attempts to bring back the fun of flying by offering passengers postcards and writing kits. Instead of sending an email to your family and friends, get them enthusiastic about your time abroad by posting a handwritten letter to their actual mailbox instead of their virtual one.

4. Airport Hacks

Airports are one of the most dreaded places to visit when travelling due to the long waits in the security line, expensive food choices, and the looming threat of a delayed flight. However, you can make your time in the airport more pleasurable and easy-going by following these tips.

  • Hydration- Staying hydrated is one of the biggest obstacles at airports because few people want to bring a water bottle before the security line and then buy another bottle after passing through security. Many travellers know to bring an empty water bottle they can then refill after the TSA checkpoint but another, lesser-known option allows you to pass through security with your water bottle full and intact. Freeze your water before going to the airport. The rules for liquid do not apply to fully frozen liquids, whether you prefer water, sports drinks, or need a boost of energy. The TSA rules state frozen items “partially melted, or slushy must meet the 3-1-1 requirements,” so make sure your liquids remain frozen all through your trip to the airport and through the security checkpoint.
  • Pre-Approval- Much of the dread during airport travel derives from your time spent in line for TSA approval or during customs. Instead of spending half your time at the airport before your flight departs, opt for TSA Pre-checking for a speedier screening. When travelling to the United States from international destinations, you can speed through the process using Global Entry, which provides expedited clearance for low-risk travellers. You must be pre-approved for the program before your arrival in the United States, which constitutes a rigorous background check and in-person interview process, but is well worth it when you no longer have to brave the wait in the customs line.
  • Travel clothes- Guarantee your comfort on the plane by wearing clothes you know and love for their cosy qualities, whether wool socks and a hoodie or lose jeans and a warm, accessible jacket. Avoid tight clothing and opt for breathable fabrics instead giving your body some room to breathe. Layering your clothing gives you better options to find your perfect temperature rather than wearing winter gear. It also helps keep the weight of your bag down if you have come dangerously close to the checked-bag weight limit. When bringing several pairs of shoes, wear your heaviest shoes on the flight, even if uncomfortable. It saves space in your bag, takes away weight from the luggage, and you can always take them off once on the plane.

5. Packing Properly

Packing demands you choose which clothes you want versus which clothes you need during your trip, along with deciding what other accessories you can fit into your bags. Whether you prefer to load your carry-ons with books or magazines, your curling iron or extra clothing you could not fit into your bag, these packing hacks will help keep you comfortable on the plane and the ground.

  • Dry Sheets- Do not bring back the scent of your vacation after all the clothes have travelled through the mud, trees, or saltwater during your adventure. Use a dryer sheet to give your bags and crisp garden scent even when your clothes are less than fresh. It has the added benefit of reducing static.
  • Packing Clothes- Folding clothing is a tried and true method for packing your bags but rolling your clothes saves space and allows you to fit more into a smaller space. Rolling clothes compresses the material while folded clothes cover more surface area in your luggage giving more space for your wardrobe or for other unorganized accessories for which you still need to find room. If you are more worried about your muddy shoes by the end of your vacation getting your luggage dirty, try packing them in a shower cap to contain the dirt.


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